Reviews on the Galaxy S20 Series

“In fact, with a more manageable size and weight, plus a superb primary camera that's sure to improve with updates, the Galaxy S20+ could be the best phone of 2020.” Galaxy S20+, Android Central, March 2020

“The S20 is a true flagship.” 

“It is impossible not to recommend the S20 Ultra, which sets a new benchmark for 5G Android phones to chase.” Galaxy S20 Ultra, T3, March 2020

“The Galaxy S20 is the perfect size for my life, but it's also a powerhouse just like the big boys.” Galaxy S20, Android Central, March 2020

“If you’re after a top-end Android phone then the Galaxy S20 Plus is one of the best around.”

“The 6.9-inch screen is easily the most impressive feature on the S20 Ultra.”

“The S20 has one of the best-looking displays on the market, an all-round versatile camera and - at long last - a battery that'll easily get you through the day.”

“The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a no-compromise device...The battery is huge, the megapixels aplenty and the internal options currently unmatched.”

“As for the camera system, while the Ultra version of this phone tries a lot of new things, the regular S20 and S20 Plus are fundamentally evolutionary updates on what Samsung did with the S10.”

“Samsung has recaptured the night photography crown.”

“It's the Ultra's camera - likely the most extraordinarily all-out setup we've seen to date.”

“From the 5G support to the flawless performance; from the hugely improved camera to the utterly gorgeous display – the S20 is the Android king.”

“I couldn't find a single negative mark on the Galaxy S20 Ultra screen。 It's exceptional in brightness, colors, viewing angles, reflectivity and every other part of the display experience that matters。” Galaxy S20 Ultra, Android Central, March 2020

 “Immediately eye-catching - that's how we'd describe the design of the Galaxy S20。 Samsung's edge-to-edge displays keep getting better。”

“The battery life on the Galaxy S20 Ultra is insane.”

“Overall, I think there isn’t another Android phone that rises to [the Galaxy S20's] level of build quality.”

“There is plenty to love about both the Galaxy S20 and the S20+…it appears to pack most of Samsung's more radical steps and innovations for 2020.”

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